8 Manuka Honey Health Benefits for Various Health Conditions

Have you ever heard of a variety of honey named Manuka? This honey is usually produced in New Zealand and southeast part of Australia. It is made of nectar consumed from the region’s native plant of similar name (Manuka has a scientific name: Leptospermum scoparium). The viscous honey has distinctively dark brown color. Manuka honey benefits are perceived to be nearly limitless. Thus, it was utilized since the ancient period to treat many kinds of health condition.

The honey contains high amount of hydrogen peroxide, just like most honey varieties. This compound serves as the main antibiotic content. In addition to that, it also has high level of methylglyoxal which provides it distinctively high antibiotic impact. Let’s see how these amazing contents will be reflected on its benefits.

Various Benefits of Manuka Honey for Your Health

1. Lowering Cholesterol Level

Among many Manuka honey benefits, one of the most famous one is its ability to lower someone’s cholesterol level. A study found that consuming this honey on daily basis is able to lower the level of low density lipoprotein (LDL), which is often called bad cholesterol. The accumulation of LDL within the artery may lead to blockage of your blood system. In return, the honey consumption can improve the good cholesterol which is named high density lipoprotein (HDL). HDL leads LDL and other substances to the liver so they can be processed further.

2. Improving Immune System

Your immune system is the strongest layer of protection against viruses and bacteria that come to your body. Sometimes, your immune system is not at its best condition due to physical or mental exertion. Luckily, one of Manuka honey benefits is immune system boosting. This honey is able to stimulate body to produce more of cytokines. This neurotransmitter provides cues to one’s immune cells to response to viral and bacterial attacks. Thus, after consuming the honey regularly, your body will be more responsive toward threats from outside of your body. You will be less likely to contract viral and bacterial illness.

3. Preventing Development of Cancerous Cells

This particular benefit is still debatable, but it is said that the native honey is capable of preventing development of cancerous cells within your body. Manuka contains high level of anti-oxidant properties that will combat excessive oxidative stress. Such kind of stress may cause mutation within body cells which may lead to cancer. Other studies have also supported the finding that regular consumption of this honey can inhibit the growth of tumor in someone’s body. The slowing growth due to the honey is comparative to the use of chemical medicine called paclitaxel which has similar purpose.

4. Improving Oral Health

Improvement of one’s oral health is another example of Manuka honey health benefits. As you probably have known, most of oral health issues are caused by bacteria. This honey contains high amount of anti-bacteria benefits to combat those issues. The most common oral problems that occur to people are formation of plaques, periodontal diseases, and tooth cavities. By consuming Manuka honey on regular basis, you will be more likely to avoid those problems. Your oral health is going to see massive improvement after a while.

5. Enhancing the Quality of Digestive Process

Digestive issues become the bane of their existence for many people. There are plenty of issues that this system may encounter, such as: indigestion, gastric ulcer, and even irritation in the large intestines. It is believed that one of Manuka honey benefits is to enhance the quality of one’s digestive system. The anti-bacteria qualities are able to battle any digestive illness that is caused by bacterial infection. People who consume this honey regularly are also less likely to develop gastric ulcer since its compounds provide protection to your internal digestive organs. Those who have acid reflux are also recommended to consume this honey to alleviate their discomfort.

6. Preventing Infections

Another benefit that this honey has is fighting infections. Most honey varieties are able to do this feat because of sugar content within its body. Sugar has anti-bacterial properties which are useful to prevent infections from happening. However, Manuka honey is suggested to be more effective than any other honey when it comes to infection preventative measure. The honey is able to destroy the important protein component within the bacteria cells. Its compound effectively kills the bacteria cells. It is especially known for its ability in combating a staphylococcus bacteria named MRSA which is responsible for some severe infections known to human.

7. Relieving Pain in the Throat

There is nothing convenient about having a sore throat. In addition to having a hard time to talk, it will be hard for you to swallow, let alone eating something. When someone is experiencing a sore throat, the walls of their throat are inflamed. Good for you, one of Manuka honey health benefits is reducing inflammation. It is recommended to drink Manuka honey water when your throat is in pain about two to three times a day. That way, the pain will diminish after some days.

8. Speeding Up Wound Recovery Process

Everyone seems to recognize the benefits of this honey to the health. Even some health practitioners are recommending this honey as an alternative to chemical based medicine, particularly for wound recoveries. As stated previously, this honey can prevent bacteria development and combat inflammation. Those qualities can prevent the wound from getting infected and worsened. It is also found that applying the honey on the wound can help speeding up the recovery process. At times, the results shown are better than if you are using chemical based meds. This is why some people consume the honey after surgery.

Of course, you should not only focus on the benefits offered. There are some cautions in consuming the honey. People who are diabetic are advised against consuming this honey without doctor supervision since it has high sugar content which may deteriorate the patients’ health condition. You should also know some side effects that may appear after its consumption. Nonetheless, the various Manuka honey benefits provided are too tempting to ignore