Can You Give Manuka Honey for Kids?

Many adults are still arguing about giving Manuka honey for kids. Sure, this honey type is known for its health benefits. But is it possible to administer it to a kid? It turns out that just like any other honey; you will be able to give it to children who are over 12 months old. In fact, the honey will be able to provide natural remedies for some illnesses that children usually contract. Let’s see what the benefits of this honey are for your little ones.

How Manuka Honey Improves a Child’s Health

  • Relieving Cough

Having your child coughing incessantly through the night is definitely an unpleasant experience. The child will have trouble sleeping and become cranky. Not to mention that they should feel unbearable discomfort. You can give Manuka honey’s for children’s cough. The honey has anti-inflammation quality that will be able to soothe their throat. Some studies had even suggested that Manuka has better cough-inhibition properties than chemical based cough relief.

How to administer Manuka honey for toddler cough or children? You can make your child consume a full teaspoon of the honey before bedtime. This might be a challenging task since Manuka has thick viscous texture and slight bitter taste that underlies its sweetness.

  • Treating Low Degree Burns

It is not rare to hear kids experiencing burns. Of course, if the condition is severe, you should immediately bring your child to a clinic to get medical attention. However, if your child has low degree burn, you can treat it at home by yourself. One common usage of Manuka honey for kids is burn remedies. The honey can soothe your child’s soft skin as well as battling bacteria that may create infection.

How can parents give Manuka honey to toddler or children for burn treatment? This honey is administered as external remedy. Once you have cleaned the burned area with running water, you can apply the honey on the skin surface gently. It will alleviate some pain after a while.

  • Improving the Child’s Oral Health

The anti-bacterial qualities in the honey are able to fight bacteria within oral cavities. Children are prone to experience toothache since they enjoy sweets yet do not particularly keen on taking care of their oral hygiene. You can give Manuka honey for kids a teaspoon a day to deal with this situation. After a period, you will see how your child’s oral health is improving.

  • Enhancing Quality of Sleep

Giving Manuka honey for children before bedtime can also has a great impact on the quality of their sleep. Some children tend to wake up several times throughout the night or have restless sleep. If your child experiences such condition, you can try mixing a teaspoon full of this honey into their milk or water. Make them drink the mixture a couple hours before bed. It is going to enhance their sleep quality.

Before trying any method mentioned above, you should always make sure your child does not have pollen allergy. It is going to ensure that your child will not show allergic reaction to the honey based treatment. Otherwise, it is fine to administer Manuka honey for kids.

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