Raw Manuka Honey Benefits for Health You Might not Know Yet

For centuries, human have been taking benefits from honey. Besides act as sweetener for a dish or dessert, it has been proven to have various healing properties. One specific kind of honey especially, which is raw Manuka honey, has various advantages for health. Raw Manuka honey is only produced by bees that pollinate in Manuka tree on New Zealand. Below are only few of many raw Manuka honey benefits that might help you with particular health problems.

The Health Benefits You Can Get from Raw Manuka Honey

1. To treat wound and allergy

For your information, raw Manuka honey contains antibacterial properties and acidic pH that encourages healing. Those bioactive components can promote the healing on wounds, for example burns, cut, scrape, and boils. It even has been used by medical professional and adhesives bandages manufacturers as healing agents. If your wound is appeared to be an open injury and you want to use Manuka honey to heal, do not forget to clean the wound first and use sterile appliances. Only then, you can apply thin layer of this honey on top of your wound.

2. To heal the sore throat

Throat soother is one of classic raw Manuka honey benefits. There is a component called 5.8-kDa that’s able to stimulate the growth of immune cells. When the Strep bacteria caused your throat to be sore, Manuka honey will help by encouraging immune cells, thus stopping the growth of bacteria. To use this raw honey as throat soother, mix a glass of warm tea or plain warm water with two tablespoons of raw Manuka honey.

3. To cure tooth decay and gingivitis

Various oral health problems including gingivitis and tooth decay can be healed via home remedy, as one of raw Manuka honey benefits. The anti-microbial properties in this ingredient can give big positive impact on periodontal health, by working against Streptococcus mutans as the bacteria that cause cavities. It also reduces the bleeding gum that’s caused by gingivitis. The gingivitis developed from oral cavity, and the cavity can be cured by drinking a mix of raw Manuka honey and warm water or chewing on the honey.

4. To reduce acne and inflammation

The anti-inflammatory effects, acidic nature, and anti-bacterial agents in Manuka honey are the properties that can help to reduce acne. It can be used as cleanser, by diluting it with water and using it to rinse the face. As a facial mask, raw Manuka honey can be mixed with ground oats or regular honey, and applied on face for 15-30 minutes. As a spot treatment, it can be simply put on the blemishes spots and be left.

For most kids and adults, this honey should be safe enough. Even though there are so many proven raw Manuka honey benefits, be careful not to treat someone with bee or honey allergies with it. The diabetes patients should also take it with cautions carefully because this ingredient is so high in sugar and can spike the blood sugar level.

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